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I'm an obsessive fangirl of Big-Chill from Ben 10 Alien Force.I'm known as The Big-Chill Queen:iconheeplz:

:heart: My current favorite cartoon is Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends :iconsqueeeeplz:

:heart: My fave character is Wilt, so you'll be seeing a lot of fanart of him :iconhurrplz: wilt stamp by Inguac

I also love Frankie Foster and I do ship her with Wilt Wilt+Frankie Stamp by Disneyfreak007 :la:

I ship Zee and Ro from The Zeta Project :heart::iconzeeplz::heart::iconrorowenplz::heart: Zee had been the one to introduce my love for robots and androids :giggle:


CHECK OUT MY FAVS!!:icongoofygrinplz:

Thanks guys!! 8D

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 22, 2014, 7:25 AM
:iconbigchillplz: Thank you all for the lovely bday wishes and for your help with my project :) I was able to use your guys' inputs and get it done last night! :iconraritylaplz:

I am happy to say that all my projects are complete!! I AM FREE!!! :iconfinallyplz:

So more drawings and stories are coming soon (\OwO/)

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  • Watching: Monster High: Ghouls Rule
  • Playing: Pokemon X
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Brandy Lyon :v Rawr
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
:heart:Personal Info:
:skull:Current Residence: OHIO!!!! <3
:skull: Favourite genre of music: Anything I like and feel worth listening to =P
:skull: Favourite style of art: Digital and vector
:skull: Operating System: Windows 7
:skull: Wallpaper of choice: Monsters vs. Aliens
:skull: Favourite cartoon characters:
Monsters vs. Aliens ---> Dr. Cockroach, Susan/Ginormica, and the Missing Link, AKA Link
Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends --> Wilt, Frankie, Mac, Bloo, Cheese, Goo, Coco, Eduardo, Madame Foster, and Mr. Herriman
The Zeta Project --> Zeta and Ro
Ben 10 --> Big-Chill, Feedback, Crashhopper, Ditto, Argit, Psyphon, and XLR8
Supernatural the Anime --> Sam and Dean Winchester
How to Train Your Dragon -->Barf and Belch, the Hideous Zippleback *I love the species in general too <3*
Static Shock --> Static, Rubberband Man, and Gear
Pokemon --> Blaziken, Combusken, May, Gothitelle, Leavanny, Pichu, Vaporeon, and Persian
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic --> Rarity and Pinkie-Pie
Digimon --> Stingmon and Ken Ichijouji
Monster High --> Spectra Vondergeist and Cleo de Nile
Beetlejuice --> Beetlejuice and Lydia

:skull: Personal Quote: Chill-tastic!! 8D

:iconstopplz: No requests by Venetia-the-Hedgehog NO CARTOON HENTAI by Venetia-the-Hedgehog (stamps by :iconvenetia-the-hedgehog:) To me it's normal by the way by SonicLadiesMan11

:skull: My account

:skull: My Facebook page

:skull: My YouTube channel

:skull: My Twitter page

:skull: My tumblr account

MvA love stamp by hobbesrox13:heart:Dr. Cockroach Stamp 3 by Klomonx:heart:Dr. Cockroach Stamp 2 by Klomonx:heart:Francoeur Stamp by Miteiru-san:heart:Lucille and Francoeur Stamp by Dragon-Star-Empress:heart:Lucille and Francoeur Stamp 2 by Dragon-Star-Empress:heart:La Seine by Dragon-Star-Empress:heart: I ship LucillexFrancoeur :iconiloveyouplz: A Monster in Paris is a beautiful and awesome movie ;w;

:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:Infernape Fan Button by Anabun:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
Randy Boggs Fan- STAMP :D by Thetruffulacupcake:heart:Randall Stamp by MaddyBunny:heart:Sparky Stamp by GG89-Stamps:heart:Pleakley Fan Stamp by Chidori1334:heart::iconzeeplz::heart::iconrorowenplz::heart::iconzetaplz::heart::iconkidzeeplz::heart::iconstaticshockclub::heart:Static Shock Stamp by Van-helsa124:heart:Wilt+Frankie Stamp by Disneyfreak007:heart:_Wilt_ by CapObvious94:heart:wilt stamp by Inguac:heart:Superactivating Ro Stamp by MlodyxD:heart:ROBOTBOY GROUP ICON by NIKY123:heart:Blaziken stamp and nosub.stamp by Nidoqueen4ever:heart:Blaziken Stamp by Shannohn:heart:.:Blaziken Hug:. by blazeboy16:heart:Torchic by Skirosa:heart::iconcombuskenplz::heart::iconblazikenplz::heart:torchic evolutions icon by Chimihara45:heart:Persian. by Monster-Boar:heart:Male Leavanny. by Monster-Boar:heart:Male Leavanny Stamp by OshawottGirl:heart:Jensen the Gothitelle by OshawottGirl:heart:Male Gothitelle Stamp by OshawottGirl:heart:Male Gothitelle. by Monster-Boar:heart::heart:Male Braixen by 13Z-Stars:heart:REQUEST: Male Delphox by 13Z-StarsREQUEST: Male Vivillon by 13Z-Stars:heart:392 - Infernape by PokeStampsDex:heart:392 - Infernape by Marlenesstamps:heart:392-1 Infernape Stamp by Pokestamps:heart:I Support Male Gardevoir Stamp by Krazys-Stamps:heart:All the fire starters by SimbaTheHuman:heart:Monster High Stamp by Aimee-Valentine-Art:heart:Spectra Vondergeist Stamp by fairlyflawed:heart:MH - Spectra Vondergeist by EllisStampcollection:heart:Cleo Fan Stamp by kaorinyaplz:heart:Cleo and Deuse by kaorinyaplz:heart:Envy Stamp by InvaderPumpkinQueen:heart:I am Envy stamp by rigbyxc2007:heart:Envy Stamp by AdryJustend:heart:2003 Envy Stamp by Bloody-Black-Sadist:heart:Stamp: Envy is Love by ReiBogatu:heart:I'm So Pro Envy by Kitten-Kitty:heart:Team ENVY by InvaderPumpkinQueen:heart:


:iconblazikenplz::heart::iconcombuskenplz::heart:Leavanny BW Animation by Sanity-Eclipse:heart::icongothitelleplz::heart::iconpersian-plz::heart::iconvaporeonplz::heart::iconpichuplz::heart:Eeveelution Stamp by RandomDrawerOfArt:heart: (stamp by :iconrandomdrawerofart:)

The Hideous Zippleback from How To Train Your Dragon is my ultimate fave species Hideous Zippleback stamp by CodeXANA:heart:PC - Hideous Zippleback by Colonel-Chicken:heart:Hideous Zippleback stamp by saturnmarsjuipter
:heart: :iconmhbanner1plz::iconmhbanner2plz::iconmhbanner3plz::iconmhbanner4plz::iconmhbanner5plz::iconmhbanner6plz: :heart:



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Redtriangle 27 minutes ago  Student Digital Artist
I know you're overwhelmed by tons of questions and comments from me, perhaps answer this question if or when you feel like to.

In the "Supernatural" universe, is it possible the Puritans (like those in Colonial Salem, Massachusetts) and their European ancestors were right about evil spirits, witches, and devils walking among them?
Redtriangle 44 minutes ago  Student Digital Artist
In "Hunted" I was shocked to see Sam died (in premonition). He turned into puddle of blood in mid-air. :nuu:

In fact, it always shocked me to see to either the Winchester Bros. died (before I knew it's a premotion). I was in denial like: "Okay, he's dead but maybe we put him back together, right? After all, he only several seasons to go."
Come on! They can't kill off people favorite character all of a sudden.
Redtriangle 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
Sam afraid of clowns? Hmm, who that remind me of... :)
Redtriangle 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
I can't resist myself. ^^;

What?! Vampires can be killed by sunlight? That's ignoring one of the most very important aspects about Vampires. I hope they don't sparkle during the day. ;)

Ugh! Look at their teeth! I've seen much like it before in "Daybreakers." They bite open a big hole a victim's skin to drain more blood. But personally, that'll make them messy eaters.
Redtriangle 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
Say, Brandy, I have a question, (no Supernatural this time).

Have you seen the movie "Poltergeist?" (The first movie), it's old but scary and classic. :D

And rumor say that the skeletons that used for props are actually REAL skeletons.
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